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An Evening on Mill Street...

Click to read my Letter to the Editor of The Gazette and Sixty35 as well as a Statement on a potential Community Benefit Agreement between developers and this neighborhood-led coalition.

Letter to the Editor

On March 8th, I had the pleasure to speak with the Mill Street community and hear their concerns. One item of note is that they are advocating for a Community Benefit Agreement. A Community Benefit Agreement is a legally-binding agreement between developers and neighborhood-led coalitions. However, Mill Street was recently successful at creating a neighborhood master plan that was eventually adopted by the city. It is not right that after adopting this neighborhood plan, the residents of Mill Street feel they must create yet another layer of protection from developers. Maybe the city should consider reclassifying the Mill Street neighborhood as an Historic Neighborhood so they receive the protections associated with that designation. This neighborhood was platted by General Palmer himself, after all.

-Scott Hiller

CBA Statement

I would also like to add the following as requested by the citizens of Mill Street:

If elected to city council, I commit to support a legally-binding Community Benefit Agreement for the Mill St neighborhood and their allies covering the eventual redevelopment of the former site of the Martin Drake Power Plant. I believe a Community Benefit Agreement is important for this site because the rights and opinions of this historic community must be respected.

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